Saturday, 21 September 2013

The East Lancashire Railway 1940's weekend

A couple of months ago the East Lancashire Railway held their annual 1940's weekend.  The weekend consists of various events all following the 1940's theme (such as dinner and dance at the church hall, soldier parades and such like.)

The event takes part across three Lancashire towns, Bury, Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall, with each location being accessed either by traditional route, or by riding the traditional steam trains.

The thing that makes the event so memorable and enjoyable for me is all the people who attend in full costume dress, either as soldiers or as people from around that time.

Along with the people is the music, on the station platform there is live entertainment from singers who specialise in covering music from that era, on the first day the music was provided by Miss Katie Spitfire, who was a superb solo singer who regularly got your foot tapping to the beat!

On the 2nd day, the platform entertainment was provided by Paul and Natasha Harper, who are a fantastic Father & Daughter duet covering many of the well-known songs from the period.

After a while you start to forget what year it actually is and start to genuinely feel like you are back in the 1940's.  Its a generation which I have a lot of time for, to me it feels like there was a lot more community spirit, people had time to help each other out, less of the everyday rat-run.

These weekends also remind me of time spent with my Grandad, who served in the war around this time. Staying at his house on a Friday or Saturday night listening to stories from the war and the things he got up to..happy times, when things were a lot simpler.

Here are a couple of collages of some of my favourite photos from the weekend.

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  1. Nice post matey and sums up how I feel about these events - such a shame this years was a wash out :(

    The harpers are both fabulous.