Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dreams - From Bernadette Mayer's list of journal ideas (Part 1)

Months ago I wrote a post talking about how I was going to add stuff here more often after stumbling across a great list of Ideas posted by one of the world's earliest 'bloggers' - Bernadette Mayer, well as you can see, that did not happen, life gets in the way, days turn into weeks and so on, but now, I have finally found a free night where I can start to get back into this blog and I can add the post I have been thinking off for weeks, a post all about dreams.

The term 'dream' can refer to several things, firstly it can be refer to something that a lot of people experience when they sleep - the succession of images, ideas, emotions or sensations which occur during the hours of sleep, or it can refer to an aspiration - the urge to want to experience or achieve something in life, such as "My ultimate dream is to one day walk on the moon", or maybe something more within reach, such as "I dream of one day owning my own successful business", or it could (to a lesser extent) refer to a company which sells beds...although I think I will gloss over that particular idea as its not really important.

So, back to the first train of thought, the dreams you have when you sleep....do they serve a purpose, do they all mean something which can be explained though books or 'dream therapists', or are they simply just the minds way of sifting through all the information you have picked up over a period of time and organising it into place in your 'Memory Library'.

A lot of people tend to say that they don't really have dreams, generally I would say that I fall into that category as its vary rare that I remember the dream the next day (I would not say though that I do not dream, just that I don't tend to remember the dreams I may have had), but there is a dream that most people will have had at least once in their life - the 'falling' dream, where by you think that you are falling through the sky, more often than not this dream tends to result in you waking up with a jolt (that is always the end result for myself anyway).

Something that has happened to myself on more than one occasion via a dream is me being able to solve a challenge that I had been facing, most often related to work, as an example a couple of years ago, I was working on a project that required some sort of program to be written, I spent several hours trying to work out how to write this program, but could not seem to come up with the solution and at the end of the day, I ended up falling asleep with it on my mind, that night I ended up dreaming about the subject and as part of the dream I came up with a solution to the problem (I cant remember now what that solution was), so the next day I went into work and tried the solution and low and behold.....it worked!

The most recent dream I can remember having is one that was linked to something I had been watching that night, Season 4 of The Walking Dead.  The dream I had was that I was locked in the prison, all the doors had been sealed from the outside and I was trapped, but I was not alone, the block I was in was full of 'walkers'.  I thought I was holding my own quite well, but then found myself backed into a narrow corridor, at the end the only feature was once solitary cell....there was no way out...I was trapped and just as more and more of the 'walkers' started to fill the corridor, the dream was cut short by the morning alarm...I guess I will never know what may have happened!

To sum up my own personal thoughts about dreams, I don't really buy into the whole 'the dream you had last night means this' or whatever, as I don't think you can really set up rules for things that are so random, I think this just stems from society just needing to have some sort of scientific or reasoned answer for everything, I personally see it as your brain just organising things you have seen, read, heard or whatever, some things just don't need to have a meaning...they just are what they are, if they don't make sense or seem weird, then just accept them as that - not everything needs to fit nicely into some ordered box.

I decided to split this post into two posts and deal with the other understanding of the term dream in a separate post as this one has already started to become rather lengthy.

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